How to Pay

Once the auction is over, the High Bidders will be notified.
We ask that you then make your payment into the paypal link on the right.
In the Comments please state the number of the Item you are paying for and your name if your 'comment' name is different.
Please Note:
If the Item you are paying for is a 'donor pays shipping' then all you pay for is your high bid amount.
This amount goes directly to Four Paws Lifeline.
If the Item you are paying for is a 'winner pays shipping' then the payment amount to Four Paws Lifeline is just your High Bid amount. The shipping costs will go to the person that donated the Item.
The winner and the donor will then need to make arrangements for the shipping costs to be paid into the donor's paypal.
Winners addresses will need to be given to the donors at this time as well.
Hope this all makes sense.
Please ask for any clarification if needed.
Thank you!
And as always, any donations you would like to make just because are welcome!

1 comment:

  1. The only button I'm showing is the donate button. I'm using it to pay for my items. Hope this is the right thing to do. It is the only paypal button I'm showing. I paid for item #s 4,5,& 17. Total $85.