Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hear Ye Hear Ye....
Are you ready for the adventure to begin???
Make sure you check this out first....


 It's time for anipals Boots & Blades charity event benefiting 
Four Paws Lifeline
Highway man, lady, musketeer or noble
 find your avatar and join us for an adventure from the days of yore.

Welcome to the Four Paws Lifeline Raffle and Auction!
We hope you will join us for a good time for a good cause!
#4Paws Boots and Blades Twitter Pawty for FourPawsLifeLine
on Sat, Apr 25 @ 1pm. 

You will need your Boots and Blades for this Adventure. You will also need your supurr-dupurr sleuthing skills.
Someone among you is an impawster.
Yes! Right now. They’re snuggling up to you, all furendly and sociable, but in troof, they aren’t who you think they are.
For this Adventure, not only must you sleuth out clues for which Anipal is pulling your floofy tail, but you also must do it while storming the Bastille to rescue the real Anipal being held prisoner.
The Anipal’s identity is concealed behind a grotesque iron mask.
And no, it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio—sorry lay-deez!
Starting Monday, April 20th, @Adorapurr will begin tweeting clues about the identity of the Anipal in the Iron Mask. She will also tweet red-herrings ... as well as suggestions on how to storm the Bastille, and where to find the captive Anipal’s cage. So, you might want to follow her.
Until Dori begins tweeting her clues, you should be sniffing and digging among you to ferret out any strange behaviors from you furends. They could be the Impawster! (evil laff)

The goal of this Raffle and Auction is to create a reserve fund from which
future grants may be made.

Please have a look at all the wonderful items that have been donated to
help us get there.
Raffle And Auction Items
Four Paws Lifeline is a non-profit organization with a mission to help people who are not be able to afford critical care or emergency clinic vet visits which could save their family pet.
Please visit their site HERE

These lovely hand-painted pictures on canvas (3"x3") with accompanying little small wooden easels
will be special pawty prizes
So make sure you come to the #4paws Pawty!


  1. An impawster!?! Snuggiling right up to me? What is an Auntie to do? I can't NOT snuggle!!!

    1. We twitter pals will join together!! are you game to join us??

  2. How on earth did I miss this? I've tweeted & shared and will do so again. purrs